Medical Assistant Salary in Lafayette, IN

With the direct supervision of a certified healthcare practitioner, a selected clinical and also administrative duties could be delegated to a medical assistant. The demand for this profession in Lafayette, is quite high. Because of the high need, lots of people are thinking about taking this type of vocation. The medical assistant salary is something which you most likely wish to know before you choose such career.

Commonly, the salary of a medical assistant depends on different underlying variables which could make a variation to that of a standard MA's salary. The standard MA's annual income normally range about 28, 860 per year or $13.87 per hour for an average pay. Nonetheless, there are situations wherein medical assistants can get a salary rate which reach up to $39,000 per years or $19 per hour due to some aspects just like the place and also the specialization of work.

The determining aspects that affects the income of an MA are these:


The place you are employed in plays an important role and helps figure out your earnings. Doing work in Lafayette, for example means a higher compensation to that of the countryside places, but the competition is somehow tighter. Consequently, this will minimize your chances of being employed as a medical assistant in case you look for a job opportunity in cities such as Indiana. However, every locations have their own benefits and drawbacks. Many metropolitan places such as Lafayette are really populated and so the level of competition there is really stiff but the good thing is that it offers great rate. In comparison, obtaining an employment in non-urban places is much easier, since it's remarkably sought after, but the thing is they do not provide the same salary rate when compared with metropolitan locations.

Current experience

Having an education and experience can make a big difference. Just after graduation from a medical assistant program, you can expect to gain only about $24,000 per year, with a rate of only $11.71 hourly. The more experience you've got, the better chance you have in getting a bigger salary which could reach up to $19 per hour.

Type of office

The compensation that you'll be receiving is also affected by the type of office you are working for. Clinics, private practice, and specialty practice are 3 options that a medical assistant has. If you want to receive higher salary, then apply in specialized medical institutions. Advanced skills are required for individuals who desire to work in special areas that's the reason why they are given bigger rate. As an example, those MA's working in a surgical hospital could earn as much $15 every hour or $31,000 annually compared to that in a doctor's office which could only have $14.50 per hour or $30,000 per year. There's a massive difference in their workload. Though it's not that much of huge gap, it still matters.

type of Healthcare Practitioner you are dealing with

Lastly, your income rate will also be affected because of the kind of practitioner you are working with. Fundamentally, if you possess a set of professional skills, then odds are, you will be able to get high salary rate, but at the same time you're also required to learn many specialized tasks.

The ideal Thing about the medical assistant salary is that there are numerous chances and factors that could make it grow more. Take advantage of the profitable compensation and exciting career of a medical assistant.

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