Medical Assistant Salary in Scottsville, KY

The obligations of a medical assistant include working with administrative and also clinical associated jobs. Since it is probably the most sought after healthcare professions, particularly in Scottsville, most individuals are looking forward to being a medical assistant one of these days. Today, when you are among those people, then for certain you have already about how much is the medical assistant salary?

There are countless underlying factors that could alter the standard medical assistant's salary. The average MA's annual salary usually range about 28, 860 per annum or $13.87 each hour for an average pay. However, factors like the location and the area of expertise can have an effect to the average pay gained, with some rates gaining around $39,000 annually or $19 per hour.

The determining factors that impacts the wage of an MA are these:


of your work is among the significant variable which has an effect on your rate as a medical assistant. If you opt to work in metropolitan places like Scottsville, it could mean higher salaries when compared with rural locations. Consequently, this will lessen the chance for being hired as a medical assistant if you look for an employment opportunity in cities like Kentucky. Well, similar to other situations, both rural and urban locations have their own pros and cons. Given that metropolitan locations tend to be crowded, obtaining a work on countryside places is much simpler, given that there is a great demand for them in such area; but then again, working on an urban location such as Scottsville somehow compensates better.

Current experience

The compensation that a medical assistant would be getting could also vary depending on their experience and also the training that they had. Generally, neophytes or people who just graduated from a medical assisting course can only expect to get $24,000 a year or $11,71 per hour since they only had the basic education and their experience is quite limited. Seasoned medical assistants are getting an hourly rate of $17.50 while others are getting as high as $19 per hour. This is substantially higher than what a neophyte is receiving, which only indicates the significance of gaining additional experience in the profession.

Type of Field that you Work in

Your potential overall earnings could also be affected with the kind of office you work in. When you become a medical assistant, you have three options for your career, you can either work in clinics, undergo special practice or private practice. If you'd like to receive bigger salary, then apply in specialized medical establishments. Specialized medical institutions give higher compensation because the knowledge and skills that are needed from the medical assistants that are doing work for them are far more advanced. For example, those MA's working in a surgical hospital could earn just as much $15 every hour or $31,000 each year compared to that in a doctor's office which could only have $14.50 per hour or $30,000 per year. Can you see the big difference? Their salary only differed a thousand, but this is still worth noting.

The type of medical staff you are working with

Similar to the office kind you are working in, the kind of practitioner that you work with you has effect on the wage that you will get. In case you have specialized skills, then you will be getting bigger salary.

The good thing about the salary of a medical assistant is that there are numerous chances and factors that can make it grow higher. Certainly, medical assistant profession will give you an exciting experience and a salary like no other.

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