Medical Assistant Salary in Easley, SC

The job of a medical assistant involves working on the clinical and administrative duties under a healthcare practitioner's supervision. There are lots of individuals who rubs their elbow to become a medical assistant someday, since this job is considered as one of the most popular health careers, especially in Easley. Now, when you're among those people, then definitely you have already asked yourself about how much is the medical assistant salary?

There are numerous factors that influence the compensation of a medical assistant. The average pay of a medical assistant is $13.87 hourly or $28,860 every year. They are qualified to receive higher salary that could go up to $39,000 per annum or an hourly pay of $19 depending on some aspects such as their area of specialty, and also the location of their work place to name a few.

The determining factors that impacts the wage of an MA are these:


The area of your work is among the significant aspect that influences your rate as a medical assistant. If you opt to be employed in urban locations like Easley, it could mean bigger income compared to rural areas. Which means, you'll only have small chances of being hired as a medical assistant if you look for a job opportunity in urban places especially in South Carolina . However, every locations have their own advantages and drawbacks. about metropolitan locations such as Easley is that it really pays higher, however it is commonly populated. On the other hand, if you choose countryside areas, you can easily get the career as it is very in demand there, but it does not really pay well.

Educational background and Experience

Your current education and also expertise can also have an effect on a medical assistant's wage rate. For those freshly graduates, the possible income rate will approximately go about $24,000 annually or $11.71 hourly. However, as you acquire more experience, your current rate could raise ranging from $17.50 per hours or $19.

Type of Field that you Work in

The particular niche of your employer is also a determining factor as to how much you'll be receiving. It is already up to the medical assistant to pick between hospitals, private treatment centers, or in specialized healthcare institutions. There will be bigger salaries on specialty areas in comparison to clinics. This is really because specialty practice requires a higher degree of abilities and knowledge not like in typical clinical set-ups. The salary of a medical assistant that assists a surgeon is bigger than those who are assisting a general practitioner mainly because the former is performing tasks which are far more complex and advance. There is a huge difference in their workload. Their earnings only differed a thousand, but this is still worth noting.

Type of Physician

Last of all, your income rate will also be affected due to the type of practitioner you are working with. Oftentimes, those MA's who have specialized skills tend to have bigger compensations, however, the assistant are also required to learn different specialized tasks.

Because medical assistant rate is very versatile, it might fluctuate every now and then because of those primary underlying factors. It definitely is among the highest paying careers, and is something that won't get you weary.

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