Medical Assistant Salary in Lexington, SC

When we mention the work of a medical assistant, it actually involves clinical and administrative jobs with the assistance of a certified medical practitioner. The demand for this job in Lexington, is very great. With this high demand, many people are dreaming about becoming a medical assistant in the mere future. The medical assistant salary is something which you probably want to know first before you engage in such career.

Generally, the salary of a medical assistant relies on different underlying variables that could give a variation to that of a standard MA's salary. Basically , a medical assistant could earn up to $28, 860 per year or $13.87 hourly for a median pay. Nonetheless it still depends on some aspects much like the location, the specialization of work as well as the pay might increase as much as $39,000 per year or $19 per hour.

Listed below are several of the aspects which can affect the rate of a medical assistant.

City and State that you work in

The area you are employed in performs a vital role and helps determine your salary. Working in Lexington, for example entails a greater compensation to that of the non-urban areas, but the level of competition is somehow stiffer. For that reason, this will minimize your chances of being employed as a medical assistant if you search for a job opportunity in towns and cities like South Carolina. Well, similar to other occasions, both rural and urban areas have their own pros and cons. The good thing about metropolitan areas like Lexington is it really pays high, nonetheless it is commonly populated. Conversely, when you choose non-urban places, you can easily obtain the work as it is very in demand there, but it doesn't really pay well.

Education and Experience

The length of experience and recent educational attainment you have also determines the amount of income you will have as a medical assistant. An hourly rate of $11.71 or $24,000 annual salary is given to neophytes. This earnings could boost up to $17.50 or even $19 per hour as soon as you gain more experience.

Type of Field that you Work in

The particular niche of your employer is also a determining aspect as to how much you will be receiving. Clinics, private practice, and specialty practice are three options that a medical assistant has. Apply for a position in specialty fields since the compensation they give is higher when compared to that in treatment centers. This simply because specialty practice needs a higher degree of skills and knowledge not like in typical clinical set-ups. For example, those MA's working in a surgical hospital could earn as much $15 every hour or $31,000 annually compared to that in a doctor's office which could only have $14.50 per hour or $30,000 per year. Can you see the difference? Though it's not that much of huge gap, it still matters.

The type of medical staff you're working with

Compensation is also impacted by the specific profession or area of expertise of the practitioner you are working with. Basically, greater incomes are provided to those who have specialized skills therefore, the rest of the practitioners must also know a number of these specialized jobs too.

The ideal thing about medical assistant salary is that it can change and will differ as caused by a selection of variables just stated earlier. Certainly, medical assistant profession will give you a fantastic experience and a salary like no other.

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