Medical Assistant Salary in West Columbia, SC

The job of a medical assistant entails both administrative and also clinical taks. In West Columbia, this job is among the most sought after. With this huge need, lots of individuals are dreaming of becoming a medical assistant in the near future. In case you wish to know the medical assistant salary, then keep reading.

The amount that a medical assistant can receive as a compensation could differ due to various variables. Typically, a medical assistant could receive $28,860 each year or $13.87 an hour. Their wage could go as high as $19 per hour or $39,000 annually based on several factors just like area and field of specialty.

The determining factors that influences the income of an MA are the following:

The location where you are employed

The location you are working in takes on a huge role and would help determine your wage. For instance you're working in West Columbia, obviously you need to keep up with the type of living there and that would mean a higher compensation not like those in the countryside areas, nevertheless the competition is actually hard. For that reason, this will minimize your chances of being employed as a medical assistant if you search for a job opportunity in cities and towns such as South Carolina. Well, similar to other situations, both countryside as well as metropolitan places have their own benefits and drawbacks. Most metropolitan places such as West Columbia are really crowded and so the level of competition there is really stiff but the best thing is that it offers better compensation. In comparison, getting an employment in rural locations is much simpler, because it's highly needed, but the thing is they don't provide the same compensation when compared with metropolitan areas.

Number of Years of Experience

Another major factor that affects a medical assistant's salary is the current training and experience. For those newly graduates, the feasible income rate will roughly go about $24,000 per year or $11.71 hourly. Nevertheless, as you acquire more experience, your current rate could increase ranging from $17.50 per hours or $19.

Type of office

The specific niche of your employer is also a determining aspect as to how much you will be receiving. Clinics, private practice, and specialty practice are three options that a medical assistant has. Obtain a position in specialty fields since the compensation they offer is higher compared to that in clinics. This is for the reason that the specialty practice area requires you to possess some sort of knowledge or skills which are not present on a mere clinical set up. The duties and obligation of an MA who is working in a surgical hospital is far more difficult when compared with those people who are working in a doctor's office that's the reason why the former are provided higher income. There's a huge difference in their workload. Their income only differed a thousand, but this is still worth noting.

The kind of medical staff you're dealing with

Just like the type of office you're doing work in, the type of practitioner you're working with also affects your earnings. Most of the time, those MA's who have specialized skills tend to have bigger compensations, however, the assistant are also required to learn different specialized tasks.

The The good thing about medical assistant salary is that it could transform and will differ as the result of selection of aspects just pointed out earlier. Take advantage of the rewarding salary and fascinating job of a medical assistant.

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