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Medical Assistant Salary

Medical Assistant Salary

A medical assistant is a profession that concentrates on medical and also administrative tasks under a healthcare professional's direction. There are countless individuals who rubs their elbow to become a medical assistant someday, as this job is regarded as one of the most sought after healthcare professions, specifically in your city. Right now, if you're among those people, then for sure you have already asked yourself about how much is the medical assistant salary?

The salary of a medical assistant varies, with many underlying variables that could give a fluctuation to that of a standard MA's salary. A medical assistant normally earns as much as 28,860 per year or $13.87 hourly. On the other hand, there are situations in which medical assistants can get a salary rate which reach up to $39,000 per years or $19 per hour due to some aspects similar to the place as well as the specialization of work.

The determining aspects that impacts the wage of an MA are these:


The area of your work is among the significant variable which affects your rate as a medical assistant. Say for instance you're assigned to work in place you live in, and you require bigger payment in comparison with those of the rural locations, nevertheless the level of competition there is absolutely stiffer. Meaning to say, you will just have small chances of being employed as a medical assistant if you search for an employment opportunity in metropolitan areas especially in place you live in . Nonetheless, each has its own pros and cons over the other. Because urban areas are usually crowded, landing an employment on non-urban areas is much better, given that there's a great need for them in such place; but in spite of this, getting employed on an urban region like the city you are located in somehow compensates better.

Your present experience

The length of experience and recent educational attainment you have also determines the amount of salary you will have as a medical assistant. If you are a fresh graduate of a medical assistant course, you are expected to earn around $24,000 a year with an hourly rate of $11.71. Experienced medical assistants are getting an hourly rate of $17.50 while others are getting as high as $19 per hour. This is considerably greater than what a neophyte is receiving, which only indicates the importance of attaining additional experience in the profession.

Type of Field that you Work in

The kind of workplace you work in can also affect your overall income earning potential. There are actually 3 major types of offices you can work in - private practice, specialty practice, and clinic. Specialty fields usually tend to have higher compensations than that of the clinic setting. This is mainly for the reason that this kind of office requires someone to have more set of abilities when compared with a typical clinic. Say for example, those MA's who work in a doctor's office earn an average revenue of 14.50 per hour or $30,000 per year, whereas those who work in a surgical hospital can have as much as $15 per hour or $31,000 every year.

type of Medical Practitioner you are dealing with

Similar to the office type you're working in, the type of practitioner that you work with you has something to do with the wage that you'll get. As such, if you have enhanced your expertise then you'll get a higher salary that's why it's vital for practitioners to speed up their skills more to deal with other specialized works.

It is possible to have better medical assistant salary if you will keep all the previously mentioned factors in your mind. Aside from the income, the vocation of a medical assistant is definitely interesting.

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