Medical Assistant Salary in Alabama


The obligations of a medical assistant involve dealing with administrative and also clinical associated jobs. Considering that it's one of the most popular medical jobs, especially in Alabama, most people are looking forward to being a medical assistant someday. Nevertheless, did you ever wonder about the medical assistant salary?

A medical assistant's income differs because of numerous reasons. Normally, a medical assistant could receive $28,860 per year or $13.87 an hour. They are suitable to receive greater salary which could go as high as $39,000 yearly or perhaps an hourly pay of $19 depending on some aspects such as their area of expertise, as well as the area of their workplace mention just a few.

Continue to read this write-up to find out the summary of the medical assistant's per hour and also yearly salary and the important factors which give fluctuation to their standard rate.


The wage is impacted by the place of your work environment. Metropolitan places can offer greater compensation than those at the countryside places however, the level of competition is tougher. There are fewer applicants in countryside areas not like in urban places such as Alabama where salary is higher, but having the position is far more challenging. Unfortunately, you will get lesser amount of wage compared to that of the urban locations if you will work for an institution that is established in rural areas. Both option has their benefits and drawbacks, and you should think about them cautiously to be able to figure out which choice would profit you best. Eventually, you will be the one who'll make a choice.

Recent experience

Another thing, your current training and expertise may also be a great factor. Just after graduating from a medical assistant program, you are likely to gain only around $24,000 annually, with a rate of only $11.71 hourly. Nonetheless, as years pass by and you get more experience in your area, then there are higher chances that your rate will boost up to 17.50 per hour up to $19.

Your work environment

The specific niche of your employer is also a determining factor as to how much you will be receiving. As a medical assistant, there are three kinds of offices that you could work in; it could be on clinics, private practice, or specialty practice. Obtain a position in specialty areas because the compensation they give is bigger compared to that in treatment centers. This is for the reason that the specialty practice area needs you to possess some sort of knowledge or skills that are not present on a mere clinical set up. The salary of a medical assistant that assists a surgeon is bigger than those people who are assisting a general practitioner because the former is performing tasks which are far more complex and advance. The level of difficulty of the tasks that are delegated to them spelled the difference between the two. The difference in their wage is noteworthy despite the fact that it's only minimal.

kind of Healthcare Practitioner you're dealing with

Just like the type of office you are doing work in, the kind of practitioner you are dealing with also impacts your wage. Fundamentally, if you possess a set of specialized skills, then chances are, you will be able to get high income rate, but at the same time you are also recommended to learn many specialized jobs.

Because medical assistant rate is very versatile, it might vary every once in awhile due to those primary underlying aspects. Apart from the huge paying salary, you will certainly love this work as this is very interesting.

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