Medical Assistant Salary in Alaska


Under the direct guidance of a registered healthcare practitioner, a certain clinical and also administrative duties could be assigned to a medical assistant. In Alaska, this job is one of the most sought after. This is the career path that many individuals pick mainly because it is very sought after. The medical assistant salary is something that you probably want to know before you pursue such profession.

The rate a medical assistant can get as a salary could differ due to various variables. The yearly income of a medical assistant is $28,860 on average or an hourly pay of $13.87. But things like the place and field of specialty can have an impact on the total income earned, with some rates which could surge to $39,000 each year or $19 hourly.

If you'd like to know several of the primary aspects that affects the hourly as well as annual salary rate of a medical assistant.


Be aware of the location of the workplace mainly because the salary of an MA is affected by this factor. If you want bigger salary, then get a position in an institution which is established in urban locations. Nevertheless, you must prepare yourself since the level of competition is also more challenging. It's true that obtaining medical assistant hiring in Alaska for example is rewarding, but there are tons of applicants applying for the said job, thus making it challenging to get hired unlike in non-urban areas with only fewer competitors. Due to the lesser rate, only some apply for opportunities in rural locations. Both option has their benefits and drawbacks, and you need to weigh them carefully to be able to determine which choice would profit you best. In the end, you'll be the one who'll choose.

Number of Years of Experience

Another basic aspect that impacts a medical assistant's revenue is the current training and also experience. Fundamentally, when you graduate from a medical assistant course, your estimated yearly rate will be around $24,000 or $11.71 hourly in median. Nonetheless, as years go by and you get more experience in your field, then there are higher chances that your rate will boost up to 17.50 per hour up to $19.

Kind of Place You Work in

The kind of office you work in is also a substantial aspect that can change your earnings rate as a medical assistant. There are Three various kinds of offices you can work in specifically: private practice, specialty practice, and clinic. Specialty fields usually tend to have higher compensations than that of the clinic setting. This is mainly because they need a particular set of skills and knowledge that a normal clinic setting doesn't feature. For example, medical assistants who work in a doctor's office receive an average of $14.50 per hour or $30,000 per year, while assistants in a surgical hospital could have around $15 per hour or $31,000 per year.

The type of medical staff you are dealing with

Your earnings could also differ depending on the person you're doing work for. Usually, those with specialized skills have higher compensations, but the staff will also be required to learn many specialized tasks also.

Keeping those factors stated earlier, there's always a chance to get bigger medical assistant salary. Enjoy the worthwhile compensation and exciting career of a medical assistant.

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